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Frequently Asked Questions

My garage door will not go up all the way. What is the problem?

This common issue is either caused because of a broken spring or because of an incorrect opener force adjustment. Take a look above the door and check if there is a gap in the middle of the spring. Read more about broken springs.

My garage door will not go down unless I keep holding the wall mount button. What is the problem?

One of the most common causes of garage door malfunctions is misaligned sensors. This is basic and generally simple to correct; however, it is an often overlooked caused. One of the first things a garage door tech inspects when a client states that it will not close properly is the sensor. Read how to fix it yourself.

The cable on one of the door sides came out.What should I do?

This commonly occurs when something gets in the way of the door while it is moving. Do not try to repair it yourself; this can be very dangerous and difficult.Read about garage door safety cable.

My garage door open and close by its own randomly what could be the reason?

This is not a common problem; however, it is not entirely impossible either. While this can be rather frustrating, it can also be dangerous for a number of reasons.

The garage door is not staying closed. It will go all the way down and back all the way up. What could be the problem?

One of the most frustrating situations home owner face is malfunctioning garage doors. Garage doors do not fall into the fix it and forget it category. They must receive routinely maintenance and repairs of some sort will be required before the inevitable time when the entire system must be replaced. One of the most common issues is improperly set limit switches. Try to do it yourself.

I can hear my garage door opener working but the door won’t move?

Home owners say that they can hear the motor running, but the opener simply will not operate the door. There are a number of possible causes. It is best to troubleshoot the issue to determine the appropriate solution. Trouble shoot now.

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