We got a call from a customer who was wanting to add an extra room to his home using his garage.

They had already started framing out a wall in the garage to begin the bedroom remodel, but discovered that the wall would be 5 feet from the garage door.

This meant that a standard overhead garage door wouldn’t work because it wouldn’t have enough space to open and close.

They called a few garage door companies and ALL of them said they couldn’t help. Thankfully we were next on their list and we said – we can do it!

It took some creativity but we found a GR8 solution!

We took a new garage door and braced it to operate as a tilt-up garage door.

By doing this, we were able to give the contractors the room they needed to complete the wall and room conversion AND give the homeowners a usable garage space to boot!

Looks great, and the curb appeal of the home didn’t suffer – plus they got a bonus garage AND new room giving added functionality and value to their home.