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Amarr Carriage Garage Door in Los Angeles CA | Gr8 Garage Doors

New spring system | Amarr Carriage Garage Door

Style: Long Panel Bead Board
Hardware: 8 spade strap hinges and 6 handles
Insulation: Vinyl back insulation
Rollers: Silicon ball bearing
Color: Mahogany. (More options: Walnut Finish, Medium Finish, Golden Oak, Grey, Hunter Green, Dark Brown, Terra tone, Sand tone, Wicker Tan, Almond, White)

Amarr Carriage Garage Door client, Glenn Los Angeles, contacted us via Google. He and his wife are working on updating the exterior of their house in Whittier. One part of the project was to update the garage doors. After checking pros and cons steel door vs wood they decided that steel with carriage door look will be the best option for them. They decided to have us install an Ammar Oak Summit bead board door with hinges and handles. They also wanted the doors to be insulated and with a mahogany finish. The paint is done at Amarr facility and it just look stunning. You will have to come real close to see that it’s not a real mahogany wood garage door.

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These garage doors are low maintenance and come with 10 years warranty that includes: cracks or rust. Amarr Carriage Garage Door removed and hauled away the old doors and hardware and installed their new Amarr garage door with all the new parts: Tracks, Torsion tube, springs (double system for the 2 car garage), Cables, Silicon Rollers, Hinges, Drums and some other parts. Since they already had a garage door opener all we had to do is to plug it to the new door and make some minor adjustments that included: force adjustment, switch limit and sensors adjustment to it. 

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