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Our client, Anthony, built a large metal garage to store his vehicles on his property. The challenge: he needed high opening residential garage doors to fit his new space. 

Since his garage opening was 10 feet wide by 14 feet high, he needed a commercial size garage door to fit the space. Except, he didn’t want a commercial looking garage door. This presented a challenge to find a commercial garage door style that would look more residential.

His only other request was that he wanted light to come into the garage, but he didn’t want full glass garage doors either. 

Commercial Garage Door Installation were able to find a garage door and a solution to match his needs. We installed durable new garage doors, 24 gauge, with a window panel at the top. 

Commercial Garage Door Installation used LiftMaster jackshaft openers instead of an overhead garage door opener. This opener mounts to the wall instead of the ceiling, so it allows the garage door to have a higher clearance. The opener has a battery backup, WiFi abilities and can be controlled from a smartphone. You can even set a timer, so the door will close automatically if it’s been open for a set period of time. This is a great security feature, especially when you have expensive gear and vehicles stored in your garage!

The project wasn’t easy, but look how awesome these doors look!

If you didn’t have any scale reference, you can’t tell these are commercial doors. They look like your average residential garage door. The addition of the top panel of windows really helps achieve this look and the doors are durable and functional, while still stylish and letting in lots of light during the day.

Anthony is thrilled that he has this great new space for his vehicles on his property, with garage doors that not only look good but will last a long time and hold up to the elements. A garage is safe and comfortable place to store all of his toys, and having doors to help secure the space is all he needed!


Commercial Roll-Up Garage Doors

Our experienced team of garage door specialists provides full commercial roll-up installation services to the greater Sacramento area. Our premium line of steel roll-up doors offers many solutions to meet your needs and demands. Options include rolling steel garage doors which fit up to 1,500 square feet. Call or visit us today to ask about our line of commercial garage door products. Our roll-up doors are not only durable and strong, they are versatile enough to fit any business or residential needs. 

Check out a few of our premium quality specifications:

  • Stainless, Galvanized Steel as well as Aluminum Doors
  • A Wide Range of Finishes; Slat Profiles; and Gauges
  • Standard and Custom Garage Doors Fit up to 1,500 Square Feet
  • Light-Duty to Heavy-Duty Rolling Service Doors
  • Insulated Door Options for Added Protection
  • Options of High Usage –100,000 Cycles to Low Usage – 20,000 Cycles

16×11 commercial roll-up installation on a shed | Burbank, CA


Learn More About our Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial Automated Garage Door Openers

\ Gr8 Solutions Garage Door offers top of the line integrated commercial systems for heavy to medium duty garage doors. Our line of automated operators is guaranteed to stand up to your daily work needs day after day. Our opener products are chosen to enhance your business life while increasing your productivity. We will inspect your site and offer you a comprehensive list of options to meet your unique needs.

Call our team of garage door specialists to inquire about products for retro fit and/or new construction applications. Our entire product line complies with UL 325 2010. Perfect Gr8 Solutions Garage Door provides all businesses with the promise of quality assurance for all of the products that we use.

Commercial Roll-Up Garage Door and Operator Repair

Gr8 Of Los Angeles Solutions Garage Door of Los Angeles, CA understands how much you and your business depend on your garage door system. Our top priority is to solve your garage door issues as effectively and efficiently as possible. Every minute your door is down your productivity suffers. We know that the saying time is money rings true. Call our team of specialist to discuss your garage door and/or operator issues. Allow Gr8 Garage Door to resolve your repair issue so you may get back to the road to success as quickly as possible. We are skilled and highly trained in all garage door repair matters from damaged tracks to broken springs.

Commercial Roll-Up Garage Door Maintenance

It is essential to ensure that your garage door receives proper, routine maintenance to maintain its functionality and extend its life. As mentioned, your business and productivity depend on your roll-up garage door. Allow Gr8 Garage Door to maintain your door and its opener so you may attend to your professional responsibilities. Call one of our caring reps today to schedule your inspection and quote appointment.

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