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Chateau Carriage Garage Door House Steel. Pasadena, CA

Chateau Carriage Garage Door received a call from Mike, a Pasadena resident, about a BIG problem with his garage door. Apparently Mike’s son woke up around 5am for swim practice (yikes!) and he forgot to open the garage door before baking out. You see where this is going. Yes, Mike’s son drove right into the garage door. While Mike was obviously upset, he realized it was a blessing in disguise since it was a chance to update his old garage doors. By the time he called us, he was even excited about giving the front of his house a face lift! Their goal was to find a door that would complement their house’s architecture and style while creating a sophisticated look with their doors.

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After browsing catalogs and pictures online of garage door styles and options, Mike and his wife decided on the “Chateau” doors. The Chateau model is a carriage door stamp with decorative hardware and windows. We also painted the doors an almond color to match their house exterior better and create a cohesive design. While they were replacing their outdated doors with fancy new ones, they also decided to upgrade their opener as well. They landed on a new 8550W LiftMaster opener. This opener is considered the best openers on the market. Why? It has every feature you could want or need from a garage door opener, including: WiFi enabled- You can control the opener through your smartphone. Teen friendly! Battery backup – Open your doors, even if the power goes out! Smart wall console – Program remotes and additional features, so you don’t have to climb a ladder to reach the opener on the ceiling! After a few months of living with their new doors and opener, we had the chance to talk with Mike about how his doors were treating him (and if they survived more 5am swim practices). Mike said he was constantly answering questions from neighbors about his doors. Mike says the new opener works flawlessly and he’s so pleased with the update! Mike has also enjoyed Perfect Solution’s free annual maintenance package which we extend to every one of our clients. This yearly checkup keeps your doors in shape, looking good, and working right! 
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