There are many reasons home owners and businesses choose to have gates installed on their property. This is a very important decision which can impact both the value of the home and the family’s safety. The ROI, or return on investment, is large when compared to other property improvement projects. Gates can also provide safety and security by keeping the criminal element out. Most home owners do not realize the number of options available for gate entryway installation.

Which gate is the best for my family?

The most popular and the most often professionally recommended is the slide gate. This requires a bit more space than others. Consult a gate installation expert like those at Gr8 Garage Doors for advice about which is best for your situation. A slide gate is better able to properly distribute weight than other styles and is therefore less prone to wear and tear damage. Some owners worry about dead zones when considering the purchase of a swing gate. A slide gate does not usually have these vulnerabilities because its movement is in a continuously linear.

What are my other gate options?

Not everyone has enough room to install a slide gate and opt for an overhead gate, swing gate, or a slide gate which is retractable. A retractable slide gate only requires around 50% of the space that a traditional slide gate needs. This is because it is constructed with two pieces.

Whatare my gate materials options?

Most gate installation specialists suggest a steel frame no matter which design is chosen because it dramatically increases the gate’s overall strength and durability. Most professionally fabricated gates are constructed from wrought iron. There is also the option of a wooden gate, if it is reinforced with a steel frame. One of the best wooden materials to choose is Redwood as it has the ability to stand up against weather than other types of wood.

Stainless steel is another gate material option which is available. Remember that stainless steel is more expensive than standard steel. It may be prudent to spend a little more money because stainless steel is much better able to withstand rust and corrosion. Of course, this depends upon the weather and the local area. Many home owners say that stainless is one of the most aesthetically pleasing materials.

What safety device options are available?

There are a number of safety devices to choose from and it is generally best to have them installed. As mentioned, a gate offers security to your family and property. A professional gate service company can provide you with your wide range of gate options as well as cost estimates and money saving tips. Here are a few safety device choices:

  • A Photo-Eyeis an important safety auto reversing mechanism. This one is a must to protect individuals and pets.
  • Closed Circuit Security Systems monitor your gate. This type of security can cost a great deal depending upon the brand and features.
  • Wireless Security Alarm Systems alert residents to the approach of visitors. There is a wide range price options for alert systems.
  • Locking and Unlocking sensors allow access to authorized users through a finger print, retinae scan, or pin. This particular style can be quite pricey.
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