Garage Door Accident + Ocean Rust Repair in Long Beach, CA
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Garage Door Accident + Ocean Rust Repair in Long Beach, CA

Our customer, Lavar, called GR8 Garage Door Repair after his tenant hit the single car garage door with his car.

Not only was there a dent, as shown below, both doors had significant rust damage due to the proximity of the ocean.

rust garage door long beach, ca

We were able to order two new matching single car garage doors to fix the dented door and install new doors that would limit the rust build up from the salty air.

Rust is never a friend of a garage door. Not only does it look bad, it can affect how the garage door operates. The garage doors can jam more easily, and be very noisy when opening and closing.

The rust can also, over time, wear down the door itself, which can cause an accident or expensive repairs down the line. This is why regular maintenance is always a good idea, especially when done by a professional who can look out for these warning signs.

Cleaning Rust on Your Garage Door

It is easy to clean rust as you notice it building up. Clean the weather stripping twice a year when the weather changes, wash doors well at least 1-2 times a year. You can pressure wash, but go easy so as not to strip the paint. Use a mild soap and warm water, no harsh cleaners!

You can also wax your door if the area you live in is especially salty! This provides a protective barrier and will slow down the rust build up.

Also ensure you lubricate the parts of your garage door, to help them run smoothly and improve operation. We recommend 1-2x per year, but you should consider doing it more often if you live near the ocean.

The repair went well, and the homeowner is very pleased with the new garage doors!

new single garage door long beach, ca installation

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