Help! My Garage Door Won't Open!
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Help! My Garage Door Won’t Open!

Help! My Garage Door Won't Open!Most people don’t care much about their garage doors until they don’t work as they should.

When your garage door isn’t working right, it can really affect your day negatively. It seems simple: garage doors should open and close, but sometimes they break down and you need to fix it.

So what happens when your garage door won’t open? What do you do?

There are a few things you can try before you call a professional garage door company.

  1. Try replacing the battery on your clicker and wall unit (if it takes a battery). Sometimes your door won’t open because the opener controls just need a boost.
  2. Make sure your garage door is plugged in! We’ve been called out more than once because the homeowner didn’t realize the garage door had been unplugged by a child!
  3. If you are confident you can manually open your garage door, then you can try and lift the door manually. If you are unable to lift it, there could be a problem with the springs or cables. If you can lift it manually, the disconnect switch might be detached. If your garage door opener runs but the door doesn’t move, this could be the issue.

In the case of the springs or cables being broken, or if you really don’t know why your garage door won’t open, for your safety please call a garage door company! Trying to play around with a garage door that isn’t properly installed can be dangerous!

Does it smell like something is burning?

If you smell a burning smell from the garage when you try to open it, it could be the garage door motor or a spring or cable problem. If your motor is burning, it might be because the springs and/or cable have stopped working as they are supposed to, which is putting extra stress on the opener.

When to call a professional?

If you tried to troubleshoot yourself, or you know what the problem is but just can’t fix it, then call a local, highly rated professional garage door company.

If you are looking for a garage door repair company in the Los Angeles area, give Gr8 a call!


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