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If your garage door spring snaps or breaks, give us a call! Gr8 Garage Doors can replace your broken spring quickly, and often on the same day. Garage door springs work to support the weight of your garage door. If you suspect your springs are too small for your door, we can come out and inspect your springs for you. We can determine if the springs are properly sized, and if not, install new ones that will work properly. If your springs are the incorrect size, it can affect the proper functioning of your garage door opener and cause it to wear faster or break completely.

Garage Door Broken Spring


Double Spring System

We Gr8 Garage Door Spring Replacement recommend to all of our customers to install a double spring system. Generally 1 spring is not enough to support the weight of your door properly. Double springs give more life to your springs, and garage door opener, making it worth the initial investment for the long term savings.

Quality Springs Mean a Quality Garage Door Repair

Spring Types and Upgrades

We Gr8 Garage Door Spring Replacement repair and install all spring types, including torsion springs and extension springs. Extension springs, you guessed it, extend, as the door is opening and closing. They help to balance your garage door while its moving. Torsion springs turn as your garage door opens and closes.

Sometimes a custom sized springs are needed. Especially for custom wooden carriage doors. We can cut springs to any size and weight garage doors.

Torsion springs usually have a lifespan of about 10-12 thousand cycles. Extension springs are about 10 thousand cycles. That translates into about 10-14 years for torsion springs, and about 10 for extension springs.

We also install high cycle springs as an upgrade. These springs increase the life cycle of your springs, sometimes even doubling the lifespan of them over traditional springs.

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