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How Often Should You Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener?

As the common saying that nothing lasts forever, likewise a mechanical garage door opener, they are not designed in a way it can last forever. It can happen that they will last for a very long time but you will agree that the way it works while installed fresh will not be the same way it will work after 10 years even if you have up-to-date routine maintenance.

It is typically known that the life span of an electric garage door opener is up to 10 to 15 years if properly maintained.

The product you opt for also affects the lifespan of your garage door opener and how you handle it matters a lot in how it will last. Openers that are used frequently tend to get damaged more easily than when it is not often used. Well, there are a lot more things you can learn in regards to the lifespan of your garage door opener and its meaning. In this article, we will b

Things To Look Out For Before Upgrading Your Garage Door Opener

  • The Period Of Last Installation?

There are usually stickers that have the date of installation and model information regarding your garage door and garage door opener system. A good starting point is knowing the physical age of your system for you to know if it is due for an upgrade. You can not just keep the date of the door’s last installation date in your head but they are another simplified way to discover.

If you find it difficult to look for your sticker, then you can otherwise quickly get a ballpark estimate by checking the sensors at the bottom of the garage door. Any door opener that has been manufactured before 1993, has the requirements to add the photoelectric sensors so that the door can be kept safe from coming down on people or things, if you discover that your door is lacking from the above mentioned then you will know that your garage door opener has gone beyond its years. Keep in mind that the more you use a system the more the lifespan reduces.

A frequently used system might not even last for 15 years which goes in line to tell you that within 7 to 10 years your garage door opener can require a Change or replacement. Things like strange noise are not a thing to be ignored because just that little problem can cause a lot of damage without notice. Hence when you hear strange noise, don’t put it off instead attack that problem without delay.

Having Doubt?

You wonder if it makes sense for a garage door opener to be replaced after 10 to 15 years, you might think it is a short time but bear in mind that other mechanical and technical advancements are made in 10 years. Moreover, the spring system that is found on most doors is made in a way that after 5 to 7 years there will be a need for replacement.

But in the situation whereby you are having doubts about the age of your garage door opener, it is advised to discuss it with a specialist in charge of DoorCraft Manufacturing Limited. They will assist you to get accurate information on the exact age of your door. So much information will help you decide if you are to replace the entire system or you will just give it a turn up for the performance to be improved at the main time.


Replacement of the old garage door opener is a good thing to consider. We have seen some of the reasons that can make us want to get a replacement or brand new garage door opener. When you hear strange noises from your garage door that too should give you a signal that there is a problem, don’t just leave it instead, quickly look into the problem.

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