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We received a call from a well-known contractor in the area who was in need of garage door specialists to customize his garage door on his newly purchased home. 

He wanted to create a unique facade to increase his curb appeal and give a custom look to the exterior of his new home. 

He had an older steel garage door that had no windows, so the first item on his wish list was a door that included windows or a way to let in some natural light to his garage. 

After looking at several designs with our team, we all agreed that a new full view aluminum garage door was the perfect fit for the look and feel he was going for. 

Full view aluminum garage doors give a clean and modern look. Aluminum doors are known for being maintenance-free, so it’s a great addition to a home that requires little upkeep. 

Not only was this garage door a modern design, it has a custom look and feel, and the entire door, not just the top panel, lets in tons of natural light without compromising privacy. 

We were also able to match the color of the garage door frame with the paint trim on the house using a powder coat. 

The glass on the garage door is white laminate glass, which provides a great look, privacy, and surprisingly, a lot of durability.

It was important that the front door match the garage door as well, for a cohesive exterior style. We were able to match the doors perfectly, and it looks perfect! 

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