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New Installations

At Gr8 Garage Doors, we provide new installations for your garage doors in any style and any budget. The process of installing a garage door requires knowledge and patience to make the right decision.

At Gr8 Garage Doors, we provide you with the details and tools you need to select the best garage door for your home. We will take you along with us every step of the way and keep you informed. At Gr8 Garage Doors, installing a new garage door is a 3-step process. We have pre-installation, installation, and post-installation.


Before we install a garage door, there are a few things that need to be done.

  1. Picking the product – This is often the step that takes the longest time. This is because there are factors that need to be considered before selecting your garage door. Gr8 Garage Doors works with several suppliers in the area, and we have multiple budget levels to suit your budget needs. The budget is crucial when selecting the product because it determines the options available. However, do not worry; we have several affordable garage doors that look amazing and of top-notch quality. The next factor that needs to be considered is the location, or more specifically, the climate. Depending on where the customer lives, the selected options are narrowed down. There are garage doors best suited for warmer temperatures and garage doors best suited for colder climates. For example, garage doors with minimal moving parts are best suited for warmer climates because they would get stiff in colder climates and need repairs frequently.

When we take note of the options available to you, then you can choose the type of door based on your style preferences and the requirements of the home or business. There are several types available such as;

  • A Steel door
  • A Wood door
  • An aluminium door
  • A fibreglass door
  • A Vinyl door
  • A Copper door
  • A Composite garage door
  • A Carriage house garage door
  • and several other options.

We are familiar with the top brands and style choices of garage doors. We are also in contact with the best suppliers in our area, so be rest assured that you are receiving quality products and services.

  1. Final Overview – After selecting your garage door, we will come to inspect your garage and take measurements. This is important because we need precise numbers to customise the garage door to fit your garage. We will carry you along during this process because it is recommended that you be present for the inspection.


This is the penultimate step, and although it is the most technical, it takes the least amount of time. Installation is usually done in less than a day because most of the work is preliminary and concluded before the day of installation. At Gr8 Garage Doors, our installation process is thorough. We go through a step-by-step process to ensure we leave no stones unturned and provide you with satisfactory results. These are the steps we take;

  1. We remove the old garage door and also dispose of it if you would like us to.
  2. Next, we install your new garage door.
  3. We set up your garage door opener.
  4. We connect the garage door to the previously existing garage door opening system. If there isn’t one, then one will be installed.
  5. We test features such as the safety reverse feature and the infrared sensors.
  6. We clean the site.
  7. We take a final look over and walkthrough and answer any questions concerning your new garage door.


Our services are not limited to installation. We also offer post-installation services. We provide you with further support. This includes an installation warranty and an offer for maintenance services. Gr8 Garage Doors provides a thorough installation service to all our clients. Our utmost desire is your satisfaction which is why we strive to be the best. Contact us today, and let’s get started on your garage door!

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