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The Cost Of Fixing A Garage Door Spring

Mr Tork. Laguna beachAs the year’s pass, it is only natural for your garage door spring to break or wear out. As the saying goes, ” nothing lasts forever” also applies to garage door springs; you can not expect them to last for eternity without getting damaged. When you experience your garage door failing to open or slam shut, you should watch out and check the condition of your garage door spring.

After discovering that your garage door spring needs to be replaced, what might come to your mind is the cost of replacing the garage door spring. If you are like those who use the garage door regularly, by the time your garage door spring gets damaged, it can make you overly worried because of the importance you have attached to it.

Knowing where and how to start or the cost of fixing the garage door can pose a challenge. As you read on, we have made it easy for you to determine the cost and how to begin fixing your garage door spring. We will consider the main factors that affect the price of garage door springs and other things to know about the cost of the springs.

Factors That Influence The Cost Of Fixing a garage door

Most times, fixing a Professional garage door spring costs about $150 to $200. But certain things make replacing garage door springs expensive, and we will consider these factors one after the other. These are:

  • Several garage doors -:

If you are about to install your garage door and did the replacement of all the doors, then you can bear in mind that all of the garage doors that were installed from the beginning will also wear out together or close to the same time. Hence, if you have more than a garage door, you will need to fix all the springs simultaneously.

A spring of double garage door spring materials is $15 to $30 more expensive than a single door spring because of how big it is compared to a single garage door spring. But as for the labor cost, it will not be more expensive; instead, it will be the same for fixing a single-door spring.

The number of broken springs also adds to the price, but even if just one spring breaks from the garage door, it will be best to change all the springs instead of just one. But if you insist that since the other spring is still working well and go ahead to fix just the broken spring, the tension that comes from fixing a new spring will definitely affect the old spring, and unfortunately, it can cause it to break off, so why not save yourself the stress and go ahead to change the two springs at once.

  • Labor-:

Labor cost is another factor that can not be neglected which adds to the price of fixing a spring. It is not all that easy to fix a spring, and it consumes time and energy because a lot of pressure connects the spring. And it is also dangerous when you decide to make such changes all by yourself because of the labor cost. Fixing it yourself can cause you harm, destroy some things in the garage door or even destroy the door completely.

Many special tools are required for fixing a garage door spring that the house owner and inexperienced will not possess. And if you eventually get it right and install the springs, there will also be a need for you to balance the heavy garage door to make it very smooth. Do you have time for all the stress because you want to cut down labor costs? It will be best to handle such work with a skillful professional fixing garage door springs.

If the price is disturbing you, you can inquire from a reputable repair company within your reach and try to get a quote on the materials to be purchased, the hardware, and the labor cost. And to safety consciousness, two technicians are required to be on the site, not just one technician. The labor cost can be around $75 to $150 within two hours of work. Hence, you can plan your budget down before venturing into the project.


Replacing a garage door spring is the best thing to do when you discover that your garage door spring has worn out or broken. But try not to undergo such a project yourself because it can be very dangerous due to lack of experience.

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