What is a Garage Door Service?
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What is a Garage Door Service?

Garage doors are often multifunctional and essential parts of a home. While garage doors are often used to protect the items in a garage, they can also be used as emergency exit doors when the situation demands it. Therefore, it is extremely important that your garage doors are in good condition because they protect valuables such as the cars located in the garage and could also provide an exit option in case of an emergency.

Garage door services tend to be divided into several options that are all related to the maintenance and installation of garage doors.

  1. Garage Door Installation – If you’ve never had to consider installing a garage door or perhaps need to install another one, it can be quite a confusing experience. This service entails selecting the best-suited garage door for your garage, installation, connecting it to power so that it runs efficiently, and also connecting your garage door to the garage door opening system in your home. A proper garage door should make life easier for the owner.
  1. Garage Door Repair – While it is important to change your garage doors when damaged, it can be quite pricey. In certain situations, the garage door can be repaired instead of replaced. This could be a result of broken springs, broken cables, and damaged sections which could lead to noisy doors. The garage door could also simply not work, or perhaps it is off track. These are situations which need Garage door repair services.
  1. Garage Door Openers – There are many different types of garage door openers, so it can be hard to choose one. Therefore one should select the best garage door opener for their home, situation, and budget. They are several types of openers such as the jackshaft, chain drive, screw drive, and belt drive garage door openers. Chain drive openers are durable; however, they tend to be noisy. Screw drive openers work better in warmer areas because of how they are built. They do not have many moving parts, so that they can get stiff in a colder climate. Jackshaft (Side mount) and Belt drive openers are great because they are not noisy. Jackshafts are heavy; however, they do not need a drive system or an overhead track. Belt drive openers are more expensive; however, they often come with a lifetime warranty. It is important to keep all these in mind while selecting the best garage door opener for your garage.

Due to the constantly evolving nature of technology, there are often a few questions related to garage door services.



A- There is no “best garage door”. The best one is the one most suited to your needs. The selection of a garage door should be guarded by budget, style preferences, size of the house, occupants of the house (should it be easily accessible to your children), and the location of your home. These are factors that determine the garage door best suited to your needs.


A- As earlier mentioned, belt-drive garage door openers have a lifetime warranty. This differs across products and companies; however, most companies will offer at least a two-year warranty.


A- If you have an electric garage door opener, then you do not need a lock on your garage door. Electric garage door openers are excellent for this reason; but, if you do not have one, a lock is recommended; however, electric garage door openers are highly recommended as they are efficient and very safe.

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