Caved In Garage Door Repair
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Caved In Garage Door Repair

Our client, Deb, was unaware that her torsion spring had broken. She thought all was well when she decided to leave for work last Wednesday morning. She pushed the remote mounted on the wall of her garage several times, but the door wouldn’t open. Finally, after all the tries to open it, the opener broke, and the entire door caved in. 

This was the result: 

Caved In Garage Door Repair

She called GR8 immediately and we came out soon after to have a look.

The door was damaged enough that replacing it was really the only option. We ordered a new door that was very similar to her current door, with decorative windows to let in light, and that matched in color.

It is possible to repair a dent in a panel without replacing the entire door. If the dent is in 1 or 2 panels, and your door is still being manufactured, it’s possible to replace the panels that are damaged only. This is cheaper than replacing the entire door.

If the dent is small, it’s possible to fix the dent manually. You can see how to DIY this here. We don’t recommend this as it can still cause issues with your door opening and closing properly. Best to have a tech look at it and decide if its worth repairing, replacing the panel, or just replacing the door entirely.

When the new door arrived, we carefully removed the current door by disconnecting the motor. We then carefully removed the springs and cables and then moved the door off the tracks and away.

Next step was installing the new door. We installed two springs with the new door that were the right size to match the weight and size of the door. We also installed a new garage door opener for Deb.

Her new door looks great, and now the door opens easily and smoothly when she presses her remote!

Caved In Garage Door Repair


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