Garage Door Spring Safety
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Garage Door Spring Safety

Using the proper size springs for your garage door is imperative for the safe functioning of your garage door. You also want to make sure you are using the right spring type as well.

Why is this important? If the springs you install for your garage door are too small, the door will feel “heavier” to your opener since they won’t properly support the weight of your garage door. This will make your opener work harder, and cause it to wear out much more quickly. The door can also fall easily if it’s not supported by the correct sized springs.

Here are two ways to determine if your springs are the right size for your garage door. In the picture below you can see the smaller, broken springs on this repair job, and the 2 new and bigger springs we replaced it with. The older, smaller springs are only four years old! Crazy how short of a time period they lasted. This is what happens though when you install the wrong size.

broken spring repair gr8 garage door repair los angeles

Step 1: Weigh your garage door. 

This can be done with a common tool many garage door techs have in their truck.

Once you know the weight of your garage door, you can:

  1. 1. Install a single spring system. We recommend this for a 1 car garage door only, or a 2 car garage door that is VERY light.
  2. 2. Install a dual spring system. We recommend this for most 2 car garage doors and ALL heavy garage doors.


Why should I not install only one spring on a 2 car garage door?

For a few reasons. The first is that you will have a shorter life span of your springs. This will then cost more money in the long run. A 2 spring system costs more upfront but will last much longer. The return on your investment is much greater.

The second reason is for safety. With only 1 spring, you run the risk of the springs snapping if the door is moving. If a spring snaps, the door can fall down since it’s not being supported by anything. This can fall on a person or expensive object.

With 2 springs, if one snaps, you have another one as “backup” until you realize a spring broke and can repair it. Essentially the 2nd spring is like a backup or support to the first spring. It is VERY rare that both springs will snap at the same time.

You will also get more life out of your garage door opener with a 2 spring system since the door will be even “lighter” and wear less on your opener.

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