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Eco-Friendly Energy Efficient Garage Door Tips

There are a few ways you can get a green or “eco friendly” garage door.

Making your garage door efficient is easy, when you consider the following tips:

  1. The materials used to make and manufacture your garage door, including the manufacturing process.
  2. Insulation of both your garage door and garage walls.
  3. Regular Maintenance

Green Garage Door Materials

Eco-Friendly Energy Efficient Garage Door TipsAsk questions when looking at garage door options! What materials is this made of, are the materials made from recycled materials, etc.

Aluminum used in some garage door company’s doors is actually 25% recycled, while others are not.

Ask about the life cycle of the garage door material as well. Doors that will last a long time, some even up to 25 years, means less waste and longer use, which is efficient and just common sense!

Reclaimed wood garage doors are also a popular option that some manufacturers provide. You can get the quality and beauty of wood, without further waste. Using existing wood materials to craft the door also results in a unique and custom garage door.

Start your search for either wood composite doors, made using sustainable materials like wood fiber and pulp, and reclaimed wood. The manufacturing process uses wax, resins, and fibers. It looks like wood, but isn’t wood in that it doesn’t need refinishing, is affordable, and doesn’t crack or split like real wood.

If you have a bigger budget, steel doors are a great option. They don’t rust like other metal doors, provide great insulation and are VERY strong so they will last a long time.


Ask about the R-value of the garage door and also the gauge, or the thickness of the garage door. The thicker and higher R value door, the better it will insulate from the extreme heat or cold from outside.

Insulating the walls and ceiling of your garage helps tremendously as well to keep the garage a mild temperature, and protects the transfer of heat or cold from the garage into your home.

Regular Garage Door Maintenance

No matter what garage door material you choose, ensuring you get regular maintenance will allow your garage door to function properly for the longest amount of time. The longer a door last, the less you have to replace it which saves materials and is green. Not to mention, it saves money in the long run.

In addition to regular maintenance performed by a licensed and professional garage door company, simply cleaning your door inside and out a few times a year helps to keep everything clean.

Benefits of a Green and Energy Efficient Garage Door

  • Save energy
  • Save money
  • Lower your overall garage door repair and replacement costs
  • Feel good about your purchase

If you are interested in an energy efficient garage door, contact GR8 Garage Door if you’re in the greater Los Angeles and Pasadena areas.


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