How to Replace Garage Door Panels
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How to Replace Garage Door Panels

If your garage door has some bumps or bruises, and you are concerned or overwhelmed at the cost of a new garage door, have no fear!

Often times, replacing a panel or two on your garage door is all that is needed to repair the door!

If you think that replacing a panel in your garage door is a viable option vs replacing and installing a brand new garage door, continue reading!

Call a Tech

You won’t know if replacing a garage door panel is an option unless you ask a professional first. If there is something else contributing to the door not functioning properly, a full replacement might be necessary.

But often times, if there is just a dent or some rust on a panel or two, so long as your garage door is still being manufactured, it’s easy to order the panel or panels you need and have a tech swap them out for you.

Make sure that when you are replacing panels, that you are getting the EXACT panel for your specific garage door make and model. You need the panels to fit properly so that it opens and closes properly.

The garage door system you have will determine the correct panel type and size as there are size factors, lift types and several other mechanisms in use.

It’s also super easy to paint new panels, either to match the current paint on your garage door OR paint the entire door once the new panels are installed. Oftentimes getting a fresh look for your garage door is as simple as replacing a damaged panel and a fresh coat of paint!

Remember though, always consult a tech about the safest and most affordable option for your garage door before making any decisions!

If you are in the Pasadena or Los Angeles area, give GR8 Garage Door a call and we can help you make a decision on your garage door panels!

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