Garage Door Belt and Spring Repair Project
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Garage Door Belt and Spring Repair Project

We got a call from a customer, Manny, last week. He noticed that the belt of his garage door opener was not looking good and wanted us to come out to get a quote on repair.

We were able to come out that day and inspect his garage door opener.

We found that one of his torsion springs was broken. As a result, the garage door opener had been carrying part of the weight of the garage door, which over time damaged the belt.

Garage Door Belt and Spring Repair Project

His existing garage door opener, shown below, was pretty old. So it was time for a new garage door opener!

Garage Door Belt and Spring Repair Project

Manny’s garage is not attached to his home. the only access point to the garage is the garage door itself, there is no side door. For this reason, we also decided to install an emergency lock.

The emergency lock pairs nicely with the battery backup garage door opener model we installed. In case of emergency, including a power outage, Manny will be able to open the garage door with the keypad or remote control.

We installed the LiftMaster 8550 opener. It includes a battery backup, WiFi connectivity, and a soft open and close. This makes for a quiet operation!

Garage Door Belt and Spring Repair Project

This garage door opener model is also maintenance free and comes with advanced security features.

Another reason we installed an opener with battery back-up is, it’s the law! In CA, from July 2019, all newly installed garage door openers must have a battery backup feature.

If you have any questions about battery back up openers, or want to get one installed in your home, give us a call!

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