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How to get out of your garage when the power is out

Power outages can happen anytime – but especially during times of excessive heat, due to wildfire or other disruptions to service.

After the wildfires that plagued California in the past several years, there is now a new CA law on the books requiring any new garage door opener installations to have a battery backup feature. It does NOT require homeowners replace their existing openers, but any new openers must have the feature.

Battery back-up just means that in the event of a power outage, the battery in the garage door opener will still work and allow you to open your garage door to get your car and your family out safely.

How to get out of your garage when the power is out
LiftMaster Battery Backup Model

We now recommend to all of our clients to install a battery backup garage door opener to take advantage of this essential feature.

You never know when disaster will strike, and being prepared with escape routes from your home and out of your neighborhood can mean the difference between life and death.

If you currently do NOT have a garage door opener with a battery backup feature, follow the steps below to open your garage door manually.

  1. Ensure the power source is off. Even if your power is down, you should still unplug the opener from it’s power source.
  2. Make sure your garage door is shut all the way.
  3. Next, pull the emergency (red) cord. This disconnects the opener from the garage door itself.
  4. Then, lift the garage door up with your arms, until the door is opened up all the way. This should be easy (light) if your springs are good, and your garage door is balanced. If not, call a garage door tech to remedy this! It shouldn’t be difficult to lift your door!
  5. When you are ready, close your door the same way you opened it. Be careful and do this gently.
  6. If you are keeping your door disconnected from power, you want to lock the garage door. Do this by sliding the lock bar until it’s locked securely.
  7. If you want to reengage the opener, do NOT manually lock it. Simply reconnect the power source to the opener, and use your automatic garage door remotes as usual.

Call GR8 Garage Door if you would like to learn more about garage door openers with battery backup and a quote for installation.

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