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Garage Door Service And Repairs

It might have been new and shiny and worked perfectly when it was bought, but without the appropriate services and repairs, it would slowly turn into a piece of junk. A perfectly working garage door is a major part of some businesses and also a major part of security in a home.

A damaged or malfunctioning garage door can become a potential hazard and course serious injuries. Regular garage door maintenance can be done by the individual owner but when there is a fault that needs fixing you have 2 options either try to do it yourself or call a professional.

Here are some common maintenance and repairs that need to be done on a garage door.

Metal Tracks

 Daily usage of garage door eventual causes the tracks to wear and bend. Maintenance of track is easy if done properly. Start by opening the overhead door and placing metal clamps at the edges close to the top so it doesn’t fall during your inspection.

The tracks should be properly inspected, any bends in the track can be straightened using a mallet. Dents can also be fixed using a mallet or hammer to pound them back into shape. If the track has severe damage like cracks in the metal it should be replaced to avoid accidents.

Mounting brackets

Mounting brackets are what secure the garage door to the garage. With time they might wear or become loose, inspect the mounting brackets if they are loose then tighten them with a wrench. If the mounting brackets are worn out make sure to replace and secure them properly.

Pully and pully cable

 Polly cables are what help to counterbalance the force of the springs making the garage does open and close smoothly. A garage door has four pulleys located on each side of the garage door. Two are placed where the vertical and horizontal tracks and the other two are placed at the side of the springs. Rusty pully cables can cause the garage doors to drop, damaged pulley cables and pully cannot be repaired, they should be replaced and fixed back.

Areas requiring a professional

Tension spring repair and replacement

Tension springs are essential for opening and closing garage doors, especially automatic ones. General garage door openers don’t usually have much power so the tension spring helps by providing lifting force. These springs are always under a lot of tension so it is never a good idea to try and repair them yourself if you are not a trained professional.

Replacement of metal tracks

If metal tracks are damaged call a professional for proper removal and replacement of the tracks.

 Advantages of calling a garage door installation personnel

  1. Minimizes Risks

While DIY is not necessarily bad you are most times guessing the problems without knowing if they are the problem. If the garage doors are not properly secured or repaired it may cause harm to people or property going true it. Professional repairs would be able to spot more issues quickly than an ordinary individual. Many owners may be tempted die solutions to certain issues to cut cost by not having to pay a repairman but remember that the safety of your property, yourself, and other people are depending on this

  1. Right solution with the right equipment.

Repair and have enough experience and knowledge to not only spot problems but bring up solutions using the required tools. You also have the added benefit of getting quality parts as the repairman would have enough knowledge of the brands with safe, sturdy, and secure parts.

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