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Commercial Garage Doors

Getting a garage door is a good step toward protecting your properties. When choosing a garage door, you try to look for the best as it not only helps to improve the aesthetic of your business but also provides great security. Commercial garage doors come in different materials, sizes, and colors to meet the need of every individual.

Before getting a commercial garage door there are some things you need to spend time understanding so you know the various commercial garage door options that are available to you. What are commercial garage doors? What are the various types of garage doors? This article discusses what you need to know about garage doors.

What are commercial garage doors?

Commercial garage doors are those reliable doors that are installed on residential, commercial, retail, and industrial buildings. There is a wide range of commercial garage doors in terms of colors, shapes, and sizes.

There is also a wide range of doors in terms of operating systems. The size of a commercial garage door depends on what is going through it. It should be able to accommodate your business trucks as well as any other material. But usually, the standard size of the doors is 24ft and 1inches in height and a width of 32ft and 2inches.

Types of commercial garage doors

There are various types of commercial doors to fit the specifications of every customer. Whether it’s a roll-up garage door for a warehouse an overhead garage door, there’s a wide variety as well as materials to suit any condition. Here are some of the types of commercial garage doors

Roll-up commercial garage door

The roll-up commercial garage door is an all-time classic and one of the most popular choices among buyers. The roll-up garage doors are usually used in small warehouses and storage facilities as it is more preferred because of their easy usage and flexibility. As the name implies, the roll-up garage door can be rolled to form a coil thus making it easy to use with less space needed.

Overhead garage door

Featuring a double operating system, the overhead garage door is the one most in-demand. The overhead garage door can be operated either with an automated remote that operates the door for you or manually by using the rail to lift the door. Whichever you prefer you can always alternate between the two operating systems. The overhead door also known as sectional doors come in various materials. There’s glass, aluminum,  wood, and metal so you can choose from whichever to meet your desired need.

Insulated doors

The insulated commercial door is an energy-efficient door that has been designed to maintain a neutral temperature all through the year. Although these doors may cost higher, in terms of strength they are much stronger because of the double layering which is a plus.

Fire-rated commercial  garage doors

These doors are built with durable, thick stainless steel that is noise resistant and can rein in a fire. They are adequately insulated, protective, and very flexible. These doors can also be customized, so the customers have a chance to customize the door based on what the door is meant for. These doors can be used in huge warehouses, parking garages, mills, distribution centers, it is just perfect for places that contain chemical or possible explosive materials.

What to consider before getting a commercial garage door

Before purchasing a commercial garage door it’s important to consider certain factors. They are; Durability, Operating system, Appearance, Cost, and Energy efficiency

Overall before getting a garage door ensure it suits your business aesthetics and serves its purpose. As there are a lot of creative designs and enticing colors in the market. It’s necessary to consider all factors before buying.

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