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Gate Material Options

The two main reasons that home owners decide to purchase gates systems are for security and conveniently controlled entry access. A quality gate system should allow residents to enter with ease, but keep criminals secured outside the property. Some may be controlled remotely, while others detect motion with an infrared system.

Of course, those that are electronic cost much more than those which are manually operated; however, most home owners believe that both the security and convenience are well worth the money.

Types of Gates

Generally consumers opt for gates that suit their property and existing structures. This includes style, functionality, and material. The type of material used in the construction of the gate dictates is functionality, durability, and price. It is always a good idea to consult a professional for advice on these matters. Contact one of our team members at Gr8 Garage Door Repair with all of your questions.

Wrought Iron

Gates constructed from wrought iron are available with intricately woven designs or simple back to basics appeal. This style is probably the most popular on the market as it is easily customizable. Wrought iron gates are one of the most durable and also one of the most expensive. One drawback is that this material must be properly maintained or else it is susceptible to rust and corrosion. These maintenance tasks typically include routine touch ups and periodic painting.


Driveway gates constructed from wood are available in many beautiful designs, creative colors, and specific types of wood. These are also the variables that determine whether the cost is great or small. It is important that the wood is properly treated or else it will fall prey to wood rot and/or termite infestations. Wooden gates must be properly maintenance which mostly entails periodic painting. A wood gate is probably the simplest to coordinate with the color of the home.


Gates constructed from vinyl are another popular choice. This is a consideration for those who do not want a sensor system. This type of gate generally features a latch or deadbolt style lock for access control. Other access options for vinyl gates are remote control and keyless entry pads. This type of material is much more versatile than wooden options. This is due to the flexibility of vinyl and its UTS or ultimate tensile strength. Ultimate tensile strength is the greatest amount of stress that something will endure before it snaps, breaks, or fails.

Since paint does not adhere well to vinyl it is usually only available is basic colors. Vinyl is a less expensive option in the since that it does not require a great deal of maintenance and is pretty durable against harsh weather elements. The other end of the spectrum is that it must be completely replaced, if it fails or owners are ready for a new color.


Gates constructed from steel are typically the go to option for most home owners. The best choice of steel is that which has been galvanized as it is much more durable. This enhances its ability to withstand weather, rust, and corrosion. There are many color options for steel gates, but most consumers tend to choose basic back.


Aluminum is perhaps the most ideal for areas who suffer bouts of extreme weather. These gates do not require much in the way of maintenance and are available on the market in a wide range of colors as well as patterns. Some of these even resemble the wrought iron style, yet are less expensive.

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