Gate Opener and Operator Options
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Gate Opener and Operator Options

Gate installation is a popular property improvement project among home owners. A gate provides the home with security as well as aesthetics. This can become a costly endeavor; however, even the highest end products result in a dramatic ROI or return on investment. It is important that home owners take time and consideration when planning the installation of a gate system. The team at Gr8 Garage Door Repair in Los Angeles consist of extremely knowledgeable specialists who will be delighted to present your unique options.

Back to Basics

The market offers to basic styles of electric gate operators or openers which are referred to as electromechanical and hydraulic. These may be further categorized into underground openers, arm openers, screw driven. Electric and auto gate operators are available for use with sliding and swinging gates. Certain brands offer solar panels for backup power in the event of a blackout.

Electromechanical vs Hydraulic

Typically there are a few styles of electromechanical gate operators. These include barrier arm; screw type or worm driven; and sliding openers. Mechanical gate operators are the simplest install. These are mounted to the gate and either column or post. These are the least expensive and require the least amount of effort to install; however, electromechanical operators are not as durable or strong as their hydraulic counterpart. The gate specialist may recommend installing a magnetic lock because even slight vehicle impacts sometimes dislodge it.

Hydraulic openers are generally used to operate driveway gates. Hydraulic operators generally have fewer moving components. This type of operator is by far the strongest option and they are also the more costly. Hydraulic openers do not require as much power to operate larger gates.

This style requires positive stops due to the fact that they do not have limit switch for position control. Hydraulic operators are not as safe as their mechanical counterpart because they are forced to withstand a great deal of pressure. Hydraulic openers are more difficult to install as well as service or maintenance. In many cases the motorized unit must be shipped to be service.

Other Considerations

Bottom arm gate operators are a more beautiful option and are much easier to service than others. One model in particular is considered the fastest in its class operating at 5 to 7 seconds. The largest majority of openers require as much as 12 to 15 seconds to open and close. The bottom arm gate type is capable of controlling some of the larger and heavier swing gates. There are not near as many options of the bottom arm style as there is for top arm operators.

Top arm operators generally last for up to 2 entire decades. This style offers extremely heavy construction making it very durable. Most manufacturers provide some of the most competitive prices and extensive warranties when compared to other models. It is somewhat more difficult to service as the cover is a bit of a challenge to remove.

Slide gate operators are a bit more difficult to install therefore most professionals recommend purchasing a swing gate instead, if possible. This style offers a large variety of options to choose from. Those available in the United States are usually chain driven and those on foreign markets are rack and pinion.

As demonstrated there are many more options for gate openers and operators than consumers may realize. This is not a complete list by any means. Home owner should browse the internet and contact a professional for guidance prior to making purchase decision.


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