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Gate Systems

There are several items to consider when window shopping for a new gate system. The price, of course, is often at the top of the list. The first thing to determine is the exact amount of room available for the gate installation. Personal preference is important as well, but knowing the size of the available space can reduce or increase the options. A large majority of home owners consult a gate installation specialist for guidance in this and many other areas of this important decision.

At Gr8 Garage Door, our team is waiting to assist you by presenting all of your exciting possibilities in a comprehensive manner. Choosing the best driveway gate mechanism is based mainly on how much space is available and where the gate will be installed, as well as somewhat on personal preference. These mechanisms determine how the gate functions.

Single Leaf Gate

Single leaf gates only require a single auto operator. This style is popular in both city and suburban neighborhoods in which the owners reside in close proximity of each other. The single leaf gate is an excellent choice for those who do not have a great deal of space for the gate installation. Installation also only requires half of the necessary hardware such as bolts and hinges. Twice as much swing space is required compared to a double leaf gate.

Double Leaf Gate

The swing distance required for double leaf gates is less; however, its installation requires double the hardware. This style is most popular in gated communities and apartment or condo complexes. Home owners with very large properties will also opt for the double leaf gate system. There aremany more size options for this style gate. The elegant aesthetic appeal usually wins estate owners over as well.

Swinging Gate

Swinging gates are most appropriate for land owners who have plenty of space. This style is not recommended for home owners whose driveways incline steeply upward or who live in areas prone to blizzards. This type of gate generally swings toward the inside of the property. Swinging gates have a tendency to malfunction under these conditions. These gates require much less maintenance as opposed to sliding gates. They are also extremely simple to install in a short period of time.

Sliding Gate

Home owners with restricted space usually choose siding gates. There are two standard styles of sliding gates. A vertical gate also features wheels; however, it is suspended in the air. There is a bar in the center of the gate that extends and is mounted to a wall or anther fixture within the perimeter. A horizontal gate is designed with wheels and rests upon the ground. While sliding gates are often less expensive, they also require routine maintenance to keep its track free of debris.

Seek Our Counsel

It is always best to perceive the installation of a new gate as a significant investment because that is just what it is. It can dramatically increase the property’s aesthetic appeal as well as exponentially drive the home’s resell value up. Wise investors consult professionals before making any commitment. Home owners considering the installation of a gate on their property should also seek the counsel of a professional. Every member of the crew at Gr8 Garage Door is highly trained and very knowledgeable in the installation of driveway gates. Give one of us a call today to discuss your new gate installation project.


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