Our client, Barry, called us a few weeks ago in a total panic because his garage door was in “really bad shape”.

We were able to schedule an available tech within the hour and drove out to his house.

Off Track Garage Door Replacement | Los Angeles, CA

“Bad shape” is an understatement!

Barry had tried opening the garage door but didn’t notice that something was in the way, which caused the garage door to go off its track.

Instead of stopping right then and there and calling us, he tried to close the door and … the garage door completely fell off the track and onto the floor!

Thankfully Barry was out of the way and no one was hurt when the garage door fell.

Since the door was so old an the cost to put it back on track and repair it would be way more expensive then installing a new door, we went with the new garage door route.

We were able to find an affordable door that looks great, and has beautiful Stockton windows with long panels in a crisp white color!

Off Track Garage Door Replacement | Los Angeles, CA