Preventing Intruders in Your Garage
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Preventing Intruders in Your Garage

About 10% of home break-ins happen through the garage. The rest are via the front door or a window. While 10% doesn’t seem like a lot, there are things you can do to reduce the chance of an intruder gaining entry to your home through your garage.

The biggest thing you can do for any entry point is to install a home security system. Homes with a security system installed are 3 times less likely to have a break in than a home without a system

Normal home security tips beyond a security system include locking your front door at all times and closing and locking windows when you are home or away.

Below are 5 tips that you can focus on for your garage home security.

Tip 1: Lock all doors!

Home security starts with locking your front door. But if you have an attached garage, make sure you lock the door that connects your garage and your home, especially when you are gone! You might lose the convenience factor of just walking into your home from the garage, but it’s important for your safety.

Tip 2: Ditch your garage door clicker.

Your best bet is a remote control keychain clicker vs a traditional clicker in your car. If your car is broken into, the clicker basically gives your intruder a key to your home, as they can get your address information from your car registration. This is also why you shouldn’t have a key to your house in your car.

If this does happen to you, and you don’t have an intruder come to your home immediately after your car break-in, don’t forget to have your other remotes and opener reprogrammed so he or she can’t use it again in the future.

The keychain remote ensures you keep the garage clicker on your person when you are out.

Tip 3: Install motion sensor lights.

This is a quick DIY project anyone can do on a weekend.

Grab some motion sensor lights off Amazon or from Home Depot or another home store.

An instant way to get an intruder to run the opposite direction is to shine a bright light on them! Anytime the sensor picks up motion, it will turn on floodlights. Install a few, so that the area around your garage, front doors, and easily accessible windows are illuminated!

Tip 4: Get a new garage door opener.

A great way to add some extra security features to your home is to get a new garage door opener. Newer openers come with a whole host of security features that can add security and peace of mind to your home.

A few features include:

  • Rolling code tech. This changes the code of your opener every time your door is opened or closed. This will make it difficult for an intruder, or anyone, to copy your remote code and gain entry to your home.
  • Sensor lights. Many openers will turn on a light when the door is opened or closed. Light helps deter intruders.
  • Smartphone ability. If you can open and close your garage door from a smart phone app, you can also get alerts when your door is opened or closed. If you know you aren’t the one who opened your door, you can catch the intruder in the act before they’ve gotten away!

Tip 5: Always close your garage door.

While accidents happen, and you might leave your door opener when you thought you closed it, make it a habit to ALWAYS close your door. This means even when you are home! Many people think if they are home, an open garage door isn’t a problem. Not only does it give intruders a chance to see in your garage and what you have, it also shows them how to gain entry to your home when you leave.

Also, break-ins happen when people are home. Leaving a garage door open is like leaving your front door wide open. Unless you are backing in or out, keep it closed!


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