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What Should I Do When My Garage Door Spring Breaks?

Our latest repair is this broken spring for a customer. We perform many spring repairs during a regular work week but this repair was special.

As you can see in the photo below, the spring broke in 2 different places. Now, this can happen when the spring breaks BUT in this case, the first break is from 6 months ago, and the second is from a few days ago. This customer waited over 6 months to have their spring repaired.



What Should I Do When My Garage Door Spring Breaks?


If you have a broken spring, operating your garage door is not safe, and can cause an accident or injury. While this customer’s spring still worked safely enough for 6 months, at any point the spring can fail and your garage door can come crashing down.

If a spring fails, the heaviness of your garage door is no longer supported, and the door can fall down. If a person, or property, is in the way, they will be hurt or damaged.

A less worrisome, but an expensive problem, is running your garage door opener and garage door parts on a broken spring. The opener will compensate for the extra weight of the door not supported by the broken spring, and work harder. This can burn out your motor, or at the very least cause a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on your parts.

If your spring breaks, repair it!

The only lesson here is to repair garage door issues WHEN they happen. Don’t wait! This customer was lucky nothing bad ended up happening and that the spring broke a second time, prompting them to call when they did.

If you ever have a garage door problem, ensure you call a reputable company. We have repaired many springs that were installed improperly or springs that are the wrong size for the garage door. Springs help support the weight of your door and allow your garage door opener to run properly. If you have the wrong size springs, it can inhibit your door from operating the right way!

Ensuring you hire a company with good reviews and high safety rating, will ensure your repair is done right the first time!

As you see below, we fixed the spring the right way, and the garage door is working as it should!

What Should I Do When My Garage Door Spring Breaks?

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