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Top Panel Garage Door Replacement

Our customer, Tom, travels a lot for work.

After his neighborhood watch group and neighbors reported that there were people walking the neighborhood looking into garages via the garage door windows many on the street have as their top panel, Tom decided he needed to make a change.

Top Panel Garage Door Replacement

He worried that he was extra vulnerable since he is not home every day.

He called us asking about how he might remove the windows on the top panel of his garage door and how much that would cost.

Lucky for Tom, his garage door is still being manufactured. This meant that instead of getting a brand new door, all we had to do was order a new panel for his garage door model.

Once the new windowless panel arrived, we quickly swapped them out.

Top Panel Garage Door Replacement

Our service didn’t stop there. We upgraded his existing garage door opener to a LiftMaster garage door opener with battery backup.

This opener is very secure, and also passes new regulations in CA requiring all newly installed garage door openers to have battery backup.

Top Panel Garage Door Replacement

This opener also allows Tom’s to control his door when he’s away from home, including getting alerts if his door is opened.

Top Panel Garage Door Replacement

This LiftMaster opener is also very quiet, so Tom is enjoying a much quieter garage door opening and closing experience!

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