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New Garage Door Installation After Accident

Our customer, Laurie, called us after she hit her garage door on her way out to run errands. She didn’t notice the garage door was still closed before she started backing out. Whoops!

New Garage Door Installation After Accident
New Garage Door Installation After Accident

We came out to assess the damage and gave Laurie two options. She could replace the panel on her existing garage door or invest in a brand new garage door.

She decided to get a new garage door instead of patching the old one, so we found the garage door she wanted and ordered it.

When it arrived, we came back out to install the new garage door.

Laurie chose a garage door that was thicker, and more durable.

New Garage Door Installation After Accident

We also installed a couple of braces to reinforce the garage door. This minimizes the changes that if a similar accident happened again, the damage would not be as bad, if any at all.

New Garage Door Installation After Accident

Laurie’s house also faces West, which we took into consideration when choosing a new garage door.

We will add some insulation to the interior of the door to regulate the temperature in the garage, which will have a direct impact on keeping her home cool in the summer and keep the heat in during the winter .

Our last project was to match the garage door color to the trim of her house. It’s hard to tell in the “before” picture, but her garage door was actually two different colors due to previous repair work.

The outside now has a fresh coat of paint that compliments the rest of her home’s exterior color scheme.

The garage door is quiet and runs smoothly and Laurie couldn’t be happier!

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