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If you are looking for a way to boost your property value, don’t hesitate to replace a garage door that has been damaged. Doing so will rapidly expand your property value.

The national average cost of replacing a garage door is $1,123. Many factors affect the price of replacing a garage door; that is why it might look quite expensive. We are going to consider these factors one after the other.

A garage door gives meaning and value to your home; they are more than just an accessory.

Suppose you have enjoyed your garage door more than expected, now I the time to get a replacement for your garage door.

But before then, let’s consider the factors that affect the price of garage door replacement.

Factors That Affects The Cost Of Garage Door Replacement

• Locks:

It is coming to request a new or unique lock when we get a new door. So if the house owner specifically instructs the installers on how he wants his garage door lock to be, we have a particular kink that means more expense.

Requesting a lock will add more value to the garage door because you will access it from within the house. It also gives protection to items that are stored inside the garage. The average price for adding a lock ranges between $100 and $350.

• Geographic Location:

The geographic location adds to a garage door replacement price because of national price differences. Another reason why geographic area affects the price is that they have a reinforcement requirement in some places to stop garage doors from buckling in the high winds. Some door materials are not allowed in some locations. So all these add to the price of replacing a garage door.

• Additional Costs and Considerations:

Some additional cost increases the price of replacing a garage door. This cost includes: replacing a remote garage door opener that is missing, adding insulation, other customizations and a lot more. Homeowners are not likely to escape from the extra expenses because they need them.

• Resizing:

Some things might need to be reconstructed, like the width and height. Homeowners that may have a boat or truck later in the future might think of increasing the size and wideness of the door. You will need a professional in this regard; this person will help check out any structural requirements for resizing the existing entry.

Resizing the garage door ranges from $500 to $5000, although much depends on the scope and size of the job.

• Openers:

Homeowners like to choose an automatic garage door to manual because they enjoy the convenience of the automatic garage door opener. It is effortless, smooth, and comfortable. To install an automatic garage door opener is $200 to 3500.

The outside of the garage door opener can have a secure keypad that can control without using the remote. But if you still feel like adding a remote, you have no issue, but you should know it requires additional expense, which is between $20 and $60.

• Insulation:

Garage doors are suitable for energy savings because it helps to limit the sharp swings of temperature that come from the space attached to the house. So if you’re looking for how to save energy, go for the insulated garage door. They are outstanding in boosting energy savings. The prices range from $200 and $600.

• Electric Components:

The absence of electrical components in a garage will need some wiring and outlets, which involves more expense. If it is an automatic garage door that wants then, the motor will have to undergo access to electricity which it will be able to raise and lower the door by itself. For installation of electricity the prices ranges from $500 to $800 and for the outlet, it ranges from $100 to $185


In today’s world, all we care about is being convenient and comfortable. You will feel a lot of conveniences when you use an automatic garage door opener because you do not need to stress yourself.

Your garage door opener will do the work for you. If you want value on your properties, go for a garage door installation.

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