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You might have been anticipating how to replace your garage door.

And finally, you have decided to give it a trial. Your home will be valued, and you will also be pleased because of the new garage door you want to replace.

It might be your first time we’ll, not to worry, we are here to render assistance. But having the proper measurements is the first step to achieving your aim.

We have provided some steps in this article. The easy steps will help you get the proper measurements for your garage door. You will not be happy, but you will feel confident that you have the right size that perfectly fits in with your entry.

To begin the process, what you first need is a tape measure. To acquire more information, continue reading.

Measuring A Garage Door

You can follow several steps to measure your garage door, but are they correct? We will provide you with easy steps to help you get accurate measurements.

  • Step1:

The thing to first measure is the width of the widest point, which is meant for opening. If you don’t know how to get the width, be aware that it is the distance between the right and left sides in the finished space. The garage door opener inside needs to be framed with 2” x 6” of wood for a quality result. Search for widespread irregularities, which can be jambs that are not square.

  • Step2:

Check the highest part and measure the height of the opening. Know that it is the distance between the floor and the top of the door that has been finished. Search for widespread irregularities, which is the floor level.

  • Step 3:

Measure the width, which is the area close to the opening. 5” is the requirements for both sides for installation of the vertical track. If you are going for a two door installation then, your centre post will be a min of 10” wide.

  • Step 4:

The part between the top of the door opens with the ceiling. Or the obstruction at the roof In the lowest apart.

  • Step 5:

At the rear of the garage or Nearest obstruction, it is best to measure the distance from the opening. To check the different types of doors,  the requirements of the bathroom, which can be the door height with an addition of 18 for manual lift doors.

Suppose you want to install an electric gate to make sure that the decision in the backroom is the door height with a four by two addition.

Additional Measuring Tips

Below are additional things that you need to look out for before planning to get a new garage door. Knowing the following will help you to achieve your goals perfectly.

  • Verify all the jamb wood to know if it is in excellent or imperfect condition.
  • Take to heart any lights or stairs in the way.
  • Check the floor level for fitness.
  • Take note of the ductwork and pipes to see if anything might obstruct the door’s operation.
  • Check the electric outlet that is for the door opener.


Knowing the right way to measure your garage door is the first thing to consider. The steps below are an easy way to get the correct measurements. And if you feel you cannot do it yourself, you can also invite professionals to help you get the right measure that will fit in with your garage door.

Your confidence will be restored when you have finally achieved your aim to replace your garage door.

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