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Have you ever been searching for a way to replace your garage door spring? It can be challenging to see a good spring, but it is possible.

Springs are the life of a garage door.

They are the ones in charge of heavy lifting, but the garage door opener functions in a different way.

They are in charge of regulating and facilitating the smooth flow of upward and downward motion. The spring is remarkably durable, but that does not mean that it won’t wear out in the long run.

If you are finding a way to replace your garage door springs, you don’t need to rush because there are essential steps you need to know to help you get the correct spring.

Hence the question to ask is: how do you know the right garage door spring to purchase? Well, as you read on, you will discover ways to determine the correct spring for your garage door. Let’s keep the ball rolling.

Factors That Determine The Right Garage Door Springs

In consideration of garage door springs, there are two types of springs. These are extension springs and torsion springs.

They operate differently; that is why you must assimilate the way they work mechanically.

Torsion Springs:

Torsion springs are stiff springs that are mounted to the metal rod. The metal rod goes parallel to the garage door, which is directly above its opening. Over the door, torsion spring did against the wall.

As a garage door opens and closes, it is a means by which energy is stored.

Enough energy is saved by the spring just by opening the door. When it is about time to open the door, the spring I going to facilitate uncoiling and release the energy.

Extension Springs:

Extension springs run in a perpendicular order to the garage door. They are long springs and light-weighted. Above the door track, they are mounted in a horizontal portion. They are located between your garage ceiling and between the tracks. As they extend as the door opens, they store up enough energy, and they also release energy when the door opens.

What You Should Know To Help You Identify The Right Garage Door Spring

You must have accurate and necessary details before you start your purchase of a garage door spring. Having accurate information will help you Get the spring that will match your needs.

The diameter measurements must be correct, including the size of wire, spring length, and most importantly, the wind direction for each spring that needs replacement.

When you have the accurate information of the things listed, you can get the necessary assistance from experts of the work you consulted.

They will help you get the right garage door spring you desire.

How to Determine the Color Code of Your spring:

Colour codes are also used to get the correct springs. It is a system that assists in accurately identifying the spring that you need to be replaced or repaired. But, how the garage door functions are not the concern of colour code but just a technical Identification system.

Colour codes help experts that are servicing your garage door to be able to determine the size and weight of the spring.

Remember that when the garage door is active, you cannot take measurements for the garage door spring because the length of a spring increases by a coil when a garage door is moving. Hence, the springs at the other side of the open garage door will not give you an accurate measurement.


It is inevitable for you not to repair or replace your garage door during your stay in a household. It is because of wear and tear as the year passes. Whichever the case may be, if it is right to spring or left spring you want to change, try to get accurate information. Correct details help to get the right spring you want.

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